Big World Small People

Finished 2022
duration: 12'58''

Big World Small People is a film commissioned by pgnm (projektgruppe neue musik bremen) as part of their ongoing series artivism . Its first edition has been about Armenia. Click here for more info: artivism 2022

100 years ago our present was created
We ended up in a cage
100 years ago Iraq Oil was as important as it is now
The oil squeezed us, divided us, scattered us...
Now, this should be remembered, or does remembering this interfere with the present?
now gas, the same oil, water, soil, grain,
Everything is as important as it was 100 years ago.
People are unimportant
Are we human or not?
Are people human or not human?
people are only human as much as other people want them to be...
(Gagik Ghazareh)

Past Performances:

Nov 19th, 2022
Bremen, 21. Biennale für aktuelle Musik, New Film @ pgnm


Film by Gagik Ghazareh and Hannes Seidl