Mehr als die Hälfte - Installation

Finished 2014
Sound installation
Microphones, Speaker, Cable, Laptop, inverted mp3-filter
duration: durational

A room with a window. Two microphones are installed outside the room facing the space to be seen through the window from the inside. The noise from the outside is played back through two loudspeakers inside filtered by an inverted mp3-codec leaving only these parts of a sound that usually get cut away with an mp3 compression.

Supposedly a mp3 compression reduces an audio file by cutting away redundant information which will not be missing in comparison to its original uncompressed version. These redundant sounds, the leftovers of a mp3 compression are the signals which are made audible here and can be compared with their visual opposition.

From time to time external sounds are played into the filter in order to disturb the image-sound-relationship, sounds that are acoustically similar to the live ones but different by connotation. For the audience in Stuttgart waiting for the next concert while having a wine and chatting we chose sounds from protests from Madrid, New York, Frankfurt and Istanbul. For the rather empty space inside the Music Academy in Basel we chose small fragments of music.


No A/V media yet