Wunsch. A Tribute to Helmut Lachenmann

Finished 2015
duration: 08'02''

„Wunsch“ is a literal setting of the sentence „Aber im Prinzip wünsch ich mir schon so etwas wie eine Situation der Leere, der befreiten Klänge“ ("But, in principle, what I would whish for is something like a situation of emptiness, of liberated sounds") by Helmut Lachenmann. Lachenmann himself created the situation of emtiness: all the pauses he made between his sentences and words during the interview have been spliced together, one after another. Accordingly, the form is not narrative, but revolves around around the situation before speaking. The "Aber" (but) - the contradiction - is supported by recordings of protests. The setting of the liberated sound will be obvious in the passages in question; the pitches, finally, are to be understood as an homage to Helmut Lachenmann. Thus, there is no secret, just the composer's silence.


8 Gefühle.
A tribute to Helmut Lachenmann